We, the Més, shamefully busy and/or regretfully slow, finally managed to haul our office-chair-flattened asses up to Masala ‘73’s “new” curry bar. Yeah, we know, they’ve been open for over a year. They also knew, and we were treated to a soft scolding as we proceeded back to our table in their wonderfully colorful, Indian-back-alley-inspired locale. It’s not always the worst idea, however, to wait for a new project to find its footing. Many a review has been written about a restaurant after a first impression that, while honest, didn’t hold true for long. With that and mind, and looking out for other laggers like us, we’re pleased to say that Masala ‘73 is killing it. For a place slinging “street food” as a concept it’s not very affordable for your near-mileurista (naan a 3€, all the mains are over 12€). But slow food made with good materia prima and loads of love has it cost, and it is absolutely delicious. We liked everything we tried, and give special mention to the dahi puri, the presa tandoori on a perfectly spiced biryani, a vindaloo that was kickin’ and a real good raita to calm it down.

C/ Muntaner, 152 • Eixample Esquerre • Barcelona

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