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On Egos and Subcultures could be the theme of many a chat regarding current culinary “movements”. From street food to coffee’s reincarnation to craft beer or bust, booming trends split the clouds, letting monstrous egos shine. In this shortlist we dig the underdogs, steering clear of headliners and prima donnas. That’s part of why we’re pleasantly surprised by Kælderkold (“cold cellar” in Danish). Being a craft beer bar 10 steps from Las Ramblas in the midst of a brew-splosion that would put Nacho Vidal to shame, they could have easily gone overboard, but have opted for simplicity and quality instead. The 15 taps are, of course, the centerpiece, and you can follow the barrels rotating in on the chalkboards opposite the bar as well as on Kælderkold’s feisbuk. They’ve separated keg storage into three refrigeration units so you don’t have to order 4 pints of ale at once in order to eventually drink that last one at the right temperature. And, icing on the cake, they keep two staples on taps 1 and 2 at all times, a pils and a Weizenbier, both Aktien (Deutschland), with the pilsener sitting pretty at €4 a pint. The gótico is back! (Okay, not quite, but it just got a wee bit better.)

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