“Are you the owner,” I ask. “Sí.” “I’m originally from Los Angeles,” I tell her. “There are thousands and thousands of Koreans in L.A.” “Sí, lo sé.” “We have a Koreatown and everything!” “¿Qué queréis tomar?”

She’s all business.

“How long have you been here?” “Un año y pico. Teníamos un restaurante en Reus durante 15 años. Aquí va mejor. Hay más clientes.”

You, dear reader, can learn a lot from that, easily one of the worst cheesy-dad conversations ever. First off, Reus had the best vermut and bomb Korean food for the last 15 years (whaaaat!?). Second, Kamasot doesn’t faff about. And last but not least, they know what they’re doing, take it seriously, and have been doing it for many years.

It’s neither cheap nor expensive. If you go big, you pay big. But if you’re on a budget, get a bowl of bibimbab and bounce. Four of us spent 85 bones, but we drink too much. We started with the aforementioned bibimbap, a go-to Korean rice bowl mixed up with a raw egg right in front of us at the table, and the teokpokgui (떡볶이), chewy rice-cake cylinders in a damn tasty and spicy sauce. Both were bomb. It’s now fitting to mention the round gas grills sitting quietly in the middle of every table. Fire it up and get down! The dueji galbi (pork ribs) and dak dari guy (spicy chicken filets) were marinated in god-like sauces, like Brad Pitt, Jude Law and Helen of Troy were in a hot trio in the prep kitchen. Also DIY grilling at the table is fun as fuuuuck. We also had the jang-o guy (grilled eel), sadly the weak link, and the interior décor is whatever, but who gives a shit. Order away from the eel and accept that an elaborate, if ugly, extraction system is a fundamental feature in order to enjoy tender Korean bbq marinated in Brad-Jude-Helen love juice and grilled by your glorious self.

Carrer del Consell de Cent, 465

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