Krispy Cuts {barbería}

Alexis, originally from Badalona, spent a great many years of his childhood living in Germany, where his older sister spent a great many hours with American GIs stationed nearby. Many of those soldiers listened to rap music, so Alexis’ sister did too. Mixtapes made their way home and into the hands of little brother. After years of further immersion in hip hop culture, an older Alexis started to cut friends’ hair in the NY styles of their heroes. He was good at it, and, to make a long story short, Barcelona got its first New York-style barber shop complete with hot cream shaves, fine lines, fades, crew cuts, flattop boogies, vanguards, executive contours, a mini-fridge, a Nintendo64 with Mario Kart, and, of course, that old-school gangsta shit.

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