La Desayunería
C/ Comte Borrell, 75, 08015 Barcelona, Sant Antoni
Tue-Fri: 8h – 20h
Sat: 9h – 20h
Sun: 9h – 15h
Mon: 9h – 15h

Once upon a time, when I was just a little guiri across el gran charco, my father made pancake breakfasts. I was small and he was invincible, and so, thus, were his pancakes. His eggs were good, too, but his bacon was the icing on the (pan)cake. And so it was with a good deal of history, hope and, admittedly, some reservation, that we sat down at La Desayunería at lunch-time for breakfast. Yeah.

As the name suggests, this brother-sister team (from Extremadura) decided to go all-in for international morning food, all of the time. And as you can imagine, va muuuuucho más allá del café + cruasant. When they’re open they’re serving pancakes (with maple syrup or nutella, or fruit and marmalade, or blueberries and mascarpone or bacon and eggs), breakfast burritos, full-on fry-ups (brush off those Brexit blues), omelettes, bagels with smoked salmon, crepes and a few other less-breakfast-y options à la burgers, tuna sandwiches, Philly Cheesesteak and so on.

Dad’s bacon was better (fuego muy lento) but La Desayunería gets a resounding eight for three fluffy pancakes with the bacon and an egg tucked in between them, smothered with maple syrup. You’ll feel like you swallowed a brick once your done, AS YOU SHOULD, and you’ll be very pleased at the €6.50 price tag. The New York Plaza Hotel Breakfast also get’s a big thumbs up: a bagel, salty smoked salmon with dill, mascarpone, fresh arugula and tomatoes, scrambled eggs, fruit salad and a fresh-squeezed orange juice all for €9.50. Hangovers here we come!

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