La Taquería {ENG}

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We finally have a real taquería. Not a restaurant, but an authentic taquería in Barcelona. Hallelujah! It could only be better if it were a) a taco stand with outdoor seating, or b) if it were just a shade cheaper. But don’t let that kill your growing excitement about this 3-month-old taco joint. It hasn’t killed ours. La Taquería has a near-perfect location (hidden just enough) and is tastefully done up with the traditional colors: green doors, a pink sign, turquoise beams and explosive floral tablecloths. And the tacos? Well, we’ve already been four times. We’ve tried half the menu (maybe more) and happily give them loads of completely fake Michelin stars. Recommendations: frijoles refritos, chismoza, the jalapeños “el de atras paga”, the tacos de bistec and the tacos de suadero. Super-mega recommendations: the tacos al pastor, the tacos de nopal con queso (add bistec) and the mango sorbet with chili, salt and lime juice which is, sin duda, the best sorbet IN THE WORLD.

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