Gran Via, 518
08015 Barcelona, Sant Antoni
Mon–Sat: 10h – 23h

It happened again! Walking to one restaurant, we end up in another. Heading towards the intended destination, we notice Thai script plastered all over a hole-in-the-wall we’ve never seen before. Intelligent eaters pay attention to these things, you know. LAM (designed by Bangkok Café), reads the sign. A shared nod confirms this could be an option, but we continue on to find, frustratingly, that our intended is, once again, so packed that we will not be eating there. Grrrrr! So, we do a quick 180 and hightail it back to LAM, a decision we did not regret. It turns out the “designed by” is really a “the chef here used to cook at”. In fact, if anything about the dinner was disappointing it was the fact that the design screams cheap Thai street food, which is to say: EVERYBODY’S WET DREAM AND SOMETHING STILL SERIOUSLY LACKING IN BARCELONA. The prices, however, do not match the design (or the Gran Via location). The house curry will set you back about €12. Others pop up to almost €15. But that said, the chef is the real deal, and the house red curry and the khoa soi were very flavorful. LAM serves real Thai cuisine at authentic spice levels, not tweaked for you, whitey, and the fresh papaya salad was just like in Thailand, too spicy for this farang. They will, of course, dial it down if you ask. If you don’t plan on asking, take a towel.

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