Disney is full of shit, because the happiest place on earth is Leka. Having delivered newspapers to this Poblenou classic for many years, it’s a crying shame to not have eaten here earlier. Crying. But, finally sampling these culinary wares did confirm, among other things, what was clear from the beginning: this is the happiest place on earth because the people here treat you like gold. Whether you’re sliding a stack of papers under their half-closed shutter (they’re only open through lunch) or settling in for one of Barcelona’s best menús del día, a warmer, more attentive service is difficult to find. They are spot on including “30 años de experiencia mimando a nuestros clientes” in their bio. And the food is cuina casera de mercado made with muchísimo amor, blowing up the calidad-precio meter.

Try to get there before the end of April to witness the before and after. They’re going to remodel to create the first bar 100% made in Barcelona, literally. In close collaboration with their neighboring Fab Lab, future-Leka will have designed, manufactured and built itself completely in Poblenou. Take that, globalization.

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  • I´m not too far from Leka OR Poblenou so I know that I will be making a super quick trip to taste some of its culinary skills. To be honest, it sucks because I live so close to Poblenou and I barely ever decide on eating in Poblenou, we need to learn to keep it local! haha

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