Are high-backed, ornately upholstered and dark-lacquered hardwood benches somehow a Portuguese thing? I’ve yet to solve the mystery, and unfortunately the “experts” I’ve contacted know more about salt cod than furniture (they are Portuguese, after all). By now you’re asking: What does any of this have to do with Lusitano? Well it’s a Portuguese café, of course, and as such is completely decorated with these exquisitely unique (traditional?) pieces of furniture the Maasai might like sitting on. It’s all for sale, too. 

But that’s just an unexpected plus. We were sent here on a mission for one thing: pastéis de Belém, which, according to aforementioned “experts”, was invented by nuns and monks with superfluous of chickens and, thus, many leftover egg yolks. Apparently this is how PT got its rich pastry heritage. And Lusitano’s belém is deadly. Very flaky crust, delicious creamy filling and perfect with a coffee. They also have a full-blown Portuguese menu with gluten-free and vegetarian options (though they seem to have that Iberian affliction where fish dishes somehow get confused as vegetarian).

Where: C/ Llull, 169
When: Tuesday – Thursday: 8:30-15h + 18-23:30h // Friday: 8:30-15h + 18-1h // Saturday: 9-15h + 18-1h // Sunday: 10:30-15h