Macrobiotic Zen

In the context of the colonization of the Americas, one comes to understand the use of the word “pioneers” as being utter shite. Same goes for “inventors,” their achievements cemented in the incalculable quantities of work of previous generations. But we still throw down the pioneer red carpet for Macrobiotic Zen. Can you imagine the odd looks, the snide comments and the defensive crosses hoisted in the air in 1974 jamon-landia as Barcelona first heard the macrobiotic veganism pitch? Thirty-eight years later, what was once 80% shop + 20% restaurant is now 90% eatery & 10% shop. Why? Popular demand. People line up and share tables to tuck into a mountainous 10.50 euro menú that includes first, second and postre and all the water/tea you can drink. Cafeteria style = pim pam. Vegan-safe with a few vegetarian options. Family-run by Maribel, her daughters, her sister and an amigo with so much buen rollo you will leave glowing (and stuffed).

Where: C/ Muntaner, 12
When: Monday – Friday: 13-16h


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