Milla moved to Barcelona in January, leaving behind a PR gig London talking about Louis Vuitton. She did not have a bike. She did want to cook every day. And while she dreamt of starting a supper club she got herself a job at a Lebanese street food spot in Raval. In May she gifted a few boxes of tasty goodness to nearby tattoo parlours and indie shops. For lunch. For free.

Just dropped them off with a smile. It’s December now, and good vibes, hustle and some skills in a kitchen the size of an office table in a shared flat have become Milla’s Lunch. She (and her team – yeah, she’s a job creator) are a gorgeous reminder that the internet can still connect us, open up opportunities for us, not only for them.

These days, while scheming her future app, she works Instagram like a boss, prepares very convincing lunch boxes for a fiver and bikes them around town to your doorstep (delivery is included in those 5€, buddy). Why does she do it? “Honest, balanced, healthy food should be available for everyone.” “Have you practiced that line?” “No, but I used to work in PR.” Look out for this one. She’s going places. Literally.