You know Morro Fi? If you don’t, quit fucking around and get in there. You need that vermut, those cañas, those thick-ass crisps, smoked herring, mojama and the rest. And it’s important to know Morro Fi to understand Mitja Vida, its younger brother. When asked what Mitja has that Morro doesn’t, Marcel, owner and tío má majo, says, “clientes que entran y salen.” Basically, the biggest difference is that there’s a front door. But they also have La Pejinuca anchovies that are absolutely goddamn delicious. Cleaned by hand, deboned by hand, enjoyed by mouth. And since there’s no room for the prepping process at Morro Fi, you only find them up the hill. There’s also a new herring banderilla, little-known payoyo cheese and an interior that’s just that: 100% interior. Up here you can sit inside a modern remodeled space with massive windows and a spacious, light, calm, airy Sunday feel. Winter is coming. You know what to do.

Where: C/ Brusi, 39, 08006
When: Monday – Thursday: 18-23h // Friday – Saturday: 12-16h + 18h-1h // Sunday: 12-16h

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