From California to Iceland and back again



Shaken, not stirred. Maybe that’s how Bond would describe Cass McCombs. The songwriter is back in town at La Nau on the 11th presenting his not-so-new album – released in February. You’ll discover why Ariel Pink, Band of Horses and John Cale like to be on stage with this guy.

Godspeed You Black Emperor
Sala Apolo, Nov 14th

Classic cocktail vibes transported me to 2003 the last time I saw Godspeed You Black Emperor for the last time… Their concerts are like a performance of the Apocalypse in a time machine. Your brain disconnects from reality. They might be the main reason I love post-rock so much these days. Other reasons include the projections, the mystery and the atmospheric vibe. How can they be so disruptive without being annoying? And why is that such a challenge for most people? Anyways, they’re playing at Apolo on the 14th. Go listen.

Of Monsters and Men
Razz, Nov 23rd

And, drumroll…. Here’s my last recommendation! I’m more than curious to check out the new album from Of Monsters and Men, Fever Dream, live. I’m sold by any music that comes from Iceland, true, but I expect a powerful live concert on the 23rd in Razzmatazz.

Doo wop a doo wop, shooby dooby doo wop-a-bye bye.