Another year of hustle is in the can, and it’s safe to say that we leave the city in a better state that we found it. New spots have sprung up, fresh life has been breathed into some of the more established salas and public dough has even been made available for venues to soundproof themselves, keeping things sweet with the neighbouriños.

Promoter types La Fluent have put in a shift in 2017, and now juggle things proper at Fabra i Coats, Be Good and even L’Auditori. Their events at the former certainly warrant a look, as it’s always a pleasure to roll out to those gorgeous installations in Sant Andreu. Thor Harris, known for his work in seminal experimental rock troupe Swans, packs a pair of pals for a weekbreaker on Tuesday the 12th. They label their material American Minimalism, but also draw influence from Aphex Twin, Brian Eno and The Necks. This looks like a fascinating foray that will set you back a measly six euros.

The brothers Fett are responsible for some rather outlandish publications on their cult label Sex Tags, plus sub-labels Mania, UFO, Amfibia and Mongo Fett. Primarily dedicated to purist dance-floor jams, they’ve also published dub, dark ambient and even an endless recording of a Roland TR-909 bass drum that goes for silly money on Discogs. Sotofett graced Laut last month, and Fett Burger occupies the same cabin on the 16th, complimented by a show of his paintings opening the Thursday before at 33|45.

Napalm Death are metal royalty whose 35 years in action have influenced countless grim-looking white men in long leather jackets who are actually really okay people when you get to know them. Their distorted guitars and guttural howls will echo around the confines of Razzmatazz on the 16th of December, and anyone interested in the black extremes of rock ‘n’ roll should go support.