In the best traditions of a true Catholic society, Barcelona imposes strict codes of conduct 51 weeks a year before cutting capers for a week or so, depending on your barri. This month, Més puts you up on a couple of major summertime jump-offs and strongly urges you to buy from those association chiringuitos. In doing so, you directly support hard-up musicians.

Freedonia let and get loose on July 13th with a Freedotheque double-header. The revamped Plaça Folch i Torres hosts an outdoor stage from 8pm to 2am, after which all the flamboyant faithful will conga towards This Side Up across Paral.lel for more fun in fancy dress til the early dawn. Don’t miss DJ Sano in the open-air arena, and be sure to close out your evening with Black and Deckard at the club.

Poble Sec is playing its cards close to its chest and there is scant information regarding their public program as of yet. However, we have it on good authority that on Saturday the 14th, Laut will welcome back, by popular demand, the Soul Jazz Records posse from London to tear it up again after their sell-out show on New Year’s Eve.

And, of course, the daddy of all street parties goes down in Gràcia come mid-August. Some of the finest shows in recent years have popped up on the stage run by the bar Heliogabal, the indie institution whose annual outdoor goes by the handle Festigàbal. On the 17th and 18th of the month, a stellar lineup just announced includes the DIY pop of Me and the Bees, the futuristic soundscapes of Museless and the freakout math rock of Za! Catch it all at the Jardins de la Sedeta, and be sure to piss in the right places!