Enough of ad-like existences and open-air carelessness. November brings us indoor warmth and compulsory cloistering, and I’m taking you down to novel locations and exceptional states of mind starting smooth with Chico Simon on the 3rd at El Rouge. He’s got the will and malice to kidnap our melodic attention, something worth highlighting these days. Will he go down the nu disco road or dive into deep house? Either way, classy electronica will tickle our eager ears.

For you unprejudiced clubbers out there, here is a scoop. A new state-of-the-art club in L’Hospitalet called ZØW1E hosts record label Set Theory’s first monthly event. It’s called Asymmetrical, takes place on the 10th and pulls out all the stops: electro, dark electro, techno versus guitars and avant-garde visuals for your more sinister side. Yes, there is life away from the center of Barcelona and I assure you the sound system and the venue itself will leave you flabbergasted.

Meteoro are very happy about booking a stop in Uranium Club’s hectic European tour: Tuesday the 20th at 21h. Analog, bouncing punk rock and ironic lyrics will take you back to the 70s and 80s (if you happen to have been there already). Trusting the meteoric criteria, I’ll be in the first row to feel the energy right on my sternum.

Last but not least, I’m taking you to Razz. It’s big, but so is Hunee. No cheap emotions on the 24th, Razzmatazz dixit. Hunee’s soulful house music is in no rush to impress and has a delicate touch while keeping it as groovy as funk. Contemporary electronica with a serene twist. See you on the dance floor, till 6am.