Loads to get through this month, pen pals. I’ve largely skipped the main event and its offshoots, as there are many more dates that are worthy of our attention and will wither and die without our support. Real talk.

It may be too early to lock it in but it seems that Björk has already won Sónar. A four hour set of her diverse avant-garde selections opens the week’s proceedings on Wednesday June 14th in one of those enormous halls at Plaça Espanya. On the same day the CCCB open an immersive VR exhibition that investigates her creative universe, open til late September. Überspecial passholders will find themselves invited to a technowaffle presented by the protagonist at the Sónar+D congress, the rest of us will monitor via their feeds.

In confirmed and real news, Laut has got over their teething issues and will open again in time for you-know-when. Bide your time until the 24th to celebrate the reformation of IDM originators B12, who’ll reproduce the much sought-after 1993 LP Electro – Soma live. This material is peak Warp, dreamy rave on par with early Aphex – a joy to (re)discover. There are sofas.

Another promising new spot opened and already has a complete programme of underground house knees-ups. Cosy, tight and central, I hear good things about Red 58’s sound quality and lack of mobile coverage, an unexpected benefit. On June 10th, the cheery Palm Grease posse invite the Australian Bell Towers to share his collection of innocent italo and ‘80s funk. Peep their weekly show on Barcelona City FM for a preview.

Sant Joan is one of the best nights of the year if you like the sound of bangers and weeping canines. Pissant promoters believe this date to be commercial suicide, so let’s be glad of Cønjuntø Vacíø’s event I Warned You Not To Come Out Tonight. The theatrical backdrop of Upload hosts uncomfortable acts such as Assassini, Ex Continent and the Canadian guest /ϟ/HUREN/ϟ/. Feliç revetlla a tots!