Here’re some shows to consider if you got past the quarterly Hacienda shakedown with a few coins to rub together.

I write up one of the month’s most interesting gatherings with a couple of caveats, which I’ll get in early. The venue happens to be the spiritual home of the country’s least respectable beer manufacturer and the headliner seems to be in the wrong festival but, despite all that, La Pulpada Electrónica looks like a goer. On April 9th, the Raval’s favourite Galicians will shift thousands of rations of octopus to the sounds of classy city DJs including Marc Piñol, DJ Coco and Abu Sou, who plays ping pong with Pau Roca. Entrance is free, registration obligatory. Peep their website to find out how.

I like Movin’ On. Eduardo Domingo, the organiser, is one of Barcelona’s original soul selectors and single-handedly runs a throwback scene dedicated to Northern Soul. His nights tend to float about, resulting in a catalogue of original parties that feel alien to the Barcelona scene, the main difference being that the faithful actually dance. This month, on the 8th, they’ll break out the talc at the New Underground in Les Corts.

Local parishioner Filastine makes a homecoming appearance on the 22nd at Apolo. If you’re not familiar with the Seattle native’s work, he can best be described as an electronic activist, collaborating with marginalised musicians, playing gigs for refugees and drawing attention to environmental goings-on through his original and rich videos. He’ll be performing material from his new album Drapetomania with the Indonesian female MC Nova. Full support!

Rapping up, here are a couple of dates for the diary to feed that ever-expanding vinyl collection. April 22nd is Record Store Day, the perfect excuse go and spend the afternoon amongst the racks and crates with your favourite neighbourhood dealer. April 28th to 30th marks the return of the Fira del Disc at L’Estació del Nord, probably the region’s largest digging event and your chance to locate that missing Prince Black Album that will make you rich.