The music world ain’t no cakewalk for women. How often have I had to tell people that no, I am not with the band. No, I’m not here to see if the singer is good-looking. No, this is not my boyfriend’s concert. And no, I don’t owe you any explanations. Let me be and do what I like: listen to and talk about good music.

My highlight of the month is the American band Downtown Boys. I had the chance to meet the singer Victoria Ruiz in last year’s Fuzzville Festival. They really impressed me, and Victoria, wow! She’s amazing. If you’re missing a good punk rock band with real lyrics (think Trump’s wall, neo-capi-
talism, gender trouble), cancel all of your appointments on the 5th and beeline it to Almo2bar. And, if you’re into punk rock classics you will be pleased to hear that The Queers and The Zeros will be playing in Barcelona this month as well.
So, hmmm, I was thinking about the “girl band” thing. Oh, man, I hate that. It is a BAND. But anyway, you might like to check out some Baby Shakes powerpop/punk-rock from NY. Three females and one male. And if you care more about music than gender, don’t miss Toundra. I saw them at last year’s AMF Festival and, as a post-rock fan, my jaw dropped. Yes, because of their music. Nobody would ever call Toundra a boyband. Food for thought there.

Ah, also, keep track of the Guitar BCN line-up. Nikki Hill is a rock ‘n’ roll goddess and if you see her live you will remember my words. Other bolos to check out these days if you want to dig on local and national bands include: Ojete Calor (translate if you can!), Hibernales, Las Ruinas, F.a.n.t.a., and Mujeres… Yes, Mujeres are great. That was an easy band name choice that sounds better and better every time. (And if you have a sec, check out the Brazilian project @wearenotwiththeband).