Nut Gastrobar
Carrer d’Olesa, 4
08027 Barcelona, La Sagrera
Tue-Thu: 12-00h
Fri-Sat: 12-2h
You read this because it’s the bit written in English. You pick up this newspaper because it looks cool, and you’ve been living here for more than 4 years and your castellano and/or català are still utter rubbish. You rarely leave Ciutat Vella (in fact, if asked which neigborhoods are included in said district you can’t even name them all) and you consider Sants the equivalent of the outer rim planets in Star Wars.

Yoda would smack the shit out of you. The solution? Get out there; leave your bubble. And where better than La Sagrera on an empty stomach. You’ll eat like a queen, with excellent materia prima and the light touch of Carlitos, the chef at Nut Gastrobar. You might even recognize him if you’ve eaten at Palo Cortao in Poble Sec (his former haunt), and you also might recognize some of the menu items as well. You can take the chef out of the restaurant but you can’t take the dishes out of the chef. And the best part: that deadly calamar sobre cansalada confitada i parmentier trufat won’t have a city-center premium tacked onto it. You leave full, happy, and with a few duros in your pocket. Good job, little guiri.

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