And here you were, thinking the Spanish were the pimentón leaders of the world. Fool! These Hungarians are out of control. There’s so much paprika in here you’d think the shop was named…oh. So you get the idea.

This is the go-to Hungarian delicatessen in Barcelona, not just because it’s the only one, but because it’s packed with (almost) everything you would find (or need) in modern and traditional cocina húngara. An FYI from the Hungarian Cuisine page of “Authentic Hungarian dishes are definitely not for people on a diet. You may find our dishes a bit too heavy and fatty; however, their rich flavor, aroma and texture compensate you for the slightly excessive calorie intake.” Ha! Thank god slim is so last year. It’s about flavor, babies, and having something to grab! So tuck in to the famous red powder, mustards, varieties of horseradish, jams, local wines made from unique-to-Hungary grapes, cuts of meat, horse sausages, beef sausages, pork sausages, chorizos húngaros, cheeses and the list keeps kicking.

Where: C/ Lepanto, 311
When: Monday: 17:30-21h // Tuesday – Saturday: 11-21h


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