Pastrami Bar + El Paradiso
C/ Rera Palau, 4
08003 Barcelona, El Born

At the time of writing, El Paradiso (and) Pastrami Bar is/are still under construction. That’s one challenge to giving a clear idea of how it/they are. But the other is this confusing singular/plural thing. Are they one or two? And, since it’s no fun to give the whole thing away from the very start, let’s be water, my friend.

The pastrami bar is an itty-bitty locale, measuring maybe 15m2 and made up mostly of a marble-top bar. If you’re a fan of the whole street food rollo (Eat Street, Van Van, etc.) you’ll recognize the smiling (or intensely concentrated) faces of the Rooftop Smokehouse clan in the tiny kitchen behind the aforementioned bar. They’ll be dishing out three different sandwiches, dill pickles on a stick (finally!) and buttered sweet corn with homemade Old Bay seasoning. The sandwiches, of course, will change with time’s perpetual passage, but to start, wrap your lips around the traditional Rooftop pastrami (of course), a farmhouse grilled cheese with pickled shallots, and a smoked mackerel Fischbrötchen with horseradish and beetroot. Oh, and sip on a cask ale straight from the barrel while you’re at it.

All of that is part one, the singular. Then one day, while peacefully enjoying your tasty snacks, one of the chefs opens a secret window at the back of the kitchen, and passes a sandwich back. What? To where? Then, someone disappears into the refrigerator, passing underneath the casks of ale. How? Only then will you understand the plural part, the El Paradiso. The crew from La Confitería have built us a pastrami portal into a whale of a speakeasy, with Giacomo Giannotti at the helm. If you’re not a cocktail person, this local of Italian origin is an award-winning bartender and does things with liquid that leave even the most skeptical in need of fresh gayumbos. They’ll be opening from 19-2h (and till 3h on weekends) which means quality late-night food in Barcelona is now available! Este sitio lo va a petar. I’m telling you.

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