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Red Ant Noodle Bar
C/ Tiradors, 5
08003 Barcelona, Born
Mon-Sat: 19h-1h
If, to you, “fresh pasta” means Italy and only Italy, take a moment to recollect. Asians were slurping down noodles for thousands of years before Athenaeus of Naucratis cited Chrysippus of Tyana’s 1st century lasagna recipe. And if you thought Barcelona’s Asian noodle fad had come and gone with the disastrous horseshit that is Wok to Walk and similarly overpriced and poorly named wok options, that’s because you haven’t stumbled upon Red Ant Noodle Bar. The noodles are made fresh and carted over to this understated restaurant wedged between c/ Comerç and Plaça de Sant Agustí Vell. The dark space, occasionally lit by a burst of flame in the kitchen, has a bar you can sit at (as every noodle bar should) and serves up ramens, stir-fries, sesame noodles, curries and some special sides (6,50€ is a high price here). Being a member of the Ale & Hop / Mosquito family, Red Ant has excellent beer: Fürstenburg Pils on draft and many a local craft brew in rotation.

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