Here’s a common scenario: It’s Sunday. We want a restaurant that is a) open, b) delicious, c) sunny and d) affordable. About 40% of the time we end up at one of the Rekons in Sant Antoni. It’s good news that the empire has grown, continuing in its quest to find charming ex-queviures shops, semi-preserve their charm, and stuff them to the brim with tasty empanadas and some of the best salads and sandwiches in Barcelona (arguably). Yes, we are overly positive about this place. Apologies. The newer Rekons (on C/ Sepúlveda and C/ Entença) is just like it’s older brother, so when one’s full, the other is a few blocks away. Differences? More indoor seating at this one (winter, winter!). And the terrace (3 tables at the moment) faces east-ish, so…better to catch morning sunlight then hop to the other one for the afternoon. Otherwise, same delicious empanadas (berenjena y carne picante and apio, nueces y queso rocafort are favorites) same good coffee, same prices, same Kilombo (massive, awesome salad + empanadas combo), same (but different) lovely wait staff.

Where: Comte de Urgell, 32 + C/ Sepúlveda, 39
When: Monday – Sunday: 10-24h (schedule published for Urgell location)


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