Descripción del proyecto

Relato: Raquel Gariani • Ilustración: Eva Troian

Colors and the most stupid animals ever drawn

– We need to do a hard reset. How long should we keep this conversation going? They don´t respect anything. What about our ancient pact? Look at the bees and the ants. You should be proud of them. 

– Lucy, you know I’m the poetic type. Think about the colors for example. Which is your favorite color?

– Red? Black? Black for dramatic clothes. Red for lipstick.

(Pause for a wistful thought of that beautiful black dress that would be perfect for the apocalypse.)

They’d had this conversation lots of times previously. Dinosaurs were extinct, they’d got bored of their co-existence and they had decided to keep some humans as pets. 

They can all be cute if you give them the time to show off, or if you have indulgent eyes. What a joke! They created a stupid relative concept called beauty, which is so in fashion nowadays. The joke went too far. A convention; we don’t know where this primitive idea came from, and rarely question its roots. There is beauty in life, beauty in death. Beauty: it is everywhere and is therefore meaningless. Jokes are fun if you are not the subject. As always, it’s highlighting the wrong spot. It reminds us of the quote ‘When the sage points at the moon, the fool looks at the finger’. Mistakes repeated throughout history.

(If you are looking for a non-never-ending story, you are looking at the wrong mix of characters. Get out as soon as you can! This musing will twist and scratch at your neurons which are yearning for the meaning of life) 

– West or East. It all depends on from where you’re standing.  What’s your viewpoint? I’ve known you for so long, and I love you so very much, yet I still don’t know your favorite color. 

– Maybe it is because I don’t have one. You see, you look amazing in black my dear. But I prefer all the colors of the rainbow. Red, hmmm, red is lovely, all these red flowers. Then we have blue, oh the sky… Have you ever had the thought about how there isn’t any blue food in nature? Even the blueberry is a contradiction, as it is totally purple. Purple and yellow together, so cool. Complementary colors they say. Alone, they are boring, like the humans. Do you see?

Both of them have super fan badges for no sense dialogues Facebook group.

– Take love; that is the secret of creating a long-lasting relationship. I am not worried about how long it will last, but it is always a pleasure to get to know more about you. Even when you don’t surprise me anymore, it surprises me.

– Back to the point of this experiment baby. If it’s causing them to suffer, let´s end it! When we give them a free place to live, they sold it to their mates. When we give them free fresh food, they created machines to store it. There is more than enough food for everyone. We did all the hard work and all they do is disagree.

– We gave them water and they bottled it and sold it. Do you remember the earth when we began? It was fresh and clean. Now it is barely breathable. Garbage everywhere. Do you consider transparent as a color? I have the impression we’ve had this conversation before, some seas are blue, some oceans are green, I don’t remember what our conclusion was. 

With all the other animals, we just left them there and they were able to create their own rules and laws. These humans don’t even know which of their attributes is leading them towards their destruction. Maybe it’s their ability to speak and fuck. Together, these two skills have push people to the limit.

Then, when they invented school and institutions, the couple thought they were almost successful creating a healthy social life based in caring about each other. But then they have their favorites, their ambitions and then the school gets old school. 

– It should be easy, you know? Don’t bite your friends, don´t touch their food, don´t tell them you would love to kill them. 

– I am thinking about pressing the button again and sending another meteor. A new start, like their New Year’s Eve. They believe they will change; the diet will work. Same thing. Over and over. And here we are. 

– The bees, I still don’t get the idea of the Queen Bee. And the humans, haha, they did the same with a twist. They think they are so special. They can be so naïve and cute. They can’t stop having babies and idealizing. We gave them mirrors, yet they still can’t see.

– Squash all the colors together: red, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, weird names of nail polish and lipstick and mix them up. In theory, we should get white from that. We need the white, I love white. This paper was white when we started. It was nothing. What is it now? 

– Oh, darkness. Absence. No color at all. The paper full of ink. Maybe, what we are seeing now is darkness, and this has its own beauty.

– I think I disagree with that, my dear. All black would make me miss the white. Only black and white, bahhhh, that makes grey, shades of grey. I’d especially miss the red. Why can’t they see that all colors have their own charm? 

– Too late.

– I’m not in a good mood today. Let’s give a guitar to a fool. They do make wonderful noise from these instruments. I know how happy you were that night, I remember your face, you loved the impact, the sound and the fire. I know you love fireworks. Maybe these creatures got that from you. They love to build big bonfires, set cars on fire, melt iron, barbeque…

– But do you see the point of any of it? What is it?

– So many eons and this need of getting to a point… Ok, I see what you want. Let´s give them a bit more of time. We can push the emergency destruct button anytime. But for today, let me create shooting stars which rain the desert. Would this make you smile? We can even go to the Gluecifer concert if you are in the mood.

Yet again, the conclusion that there is no point. In the end, you have the colors and the darkness. We can smile and we may suffer. In this, we have a point. We must finish this story with a point, because all of us have limits.