Eat Caribbean
C/ Montserrat, 4
08001 Barcelona, Raval
Mon-Sun: 18h – 0h;

We first visited Funky Chicken years ago. It was early on in Barcelona’s clandestine restaurant scene, long before Eat With made the infrastructure so much easier (and more visible). The family behind Funky did it old-school style, with an apartment kitchen in Raval and a living room adapted into a seating area, a mobile phone number and a Facebook page. The rest was mystery and word of mouth. We went as soon as we could. It was glorious. Barcelona finally had an English Caribbean option. Jamaica and Jerk chicken had come home to roost. Then, there was a move to el Gótico. Then, there were neighbor issues. Things went a bit deeper underground, and all but disappeared. Until now. The day this newspaper goes to print, Eat Caribbean opens its doors. Same family, same Caribbean goodness, just easier to access and with a more affordable tapeo format (€3.50-€12). Roots, rock, Raval.

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