Restaurante: La Garbancera

Is it me, or is Mexican food the new black? Were there hordes of Mexican chefs hiding in Barcelona waiting for the light to turn green? Can we have a special round of applause for the ones who went for it first (La Taquería, Tlaxcal)? Don’t get me wrong, ain’t nuttin’ wrong with coming in 8th, 9th, 12th. In this game it’s how you cross the finish line that matters. And Restaurante La Garbancera (no, pinche gringo, it has nothing to do with garbanzos) has crossed the finish line with class.

First of all, they produce all of their dough. And dough, if you haven’t noticed, is a truly important element in Mexican cooking. The totopos: theirs. (And thick and crunchy and covered with a generous portion of excellent guacamole.) The tortillas: theirs. The nixtamalizado tlacoyos: what?! Yeah, that was new to me, too. Don’t worry, they’ll explain it to you, and you’ll realize that you’re eating 6,000+ years of Mesoamerican cultural history. Oh, and the quesadilla de tinga de pollo is ace.

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  • I agree with the fact that is homemade food, but if you know enough about mexican food you’re gonna be suspicious that everything is made in the same way. Regarding to service, the worst experience in a restaurant I had in my life. You’ll be fine if you agree with delays and bad quality of the service but in the moment you disagree your complains will be accepted in highly disrespectful way. VERY DISSAPOINTED.

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