Mont Bar
C/ Diputació, 220
08011 Barcelona, Eixample
Tue-Sun: 12-00h
Mont Bar, the modern-yet-somehow-typical Spanish bar gets the golden gastro globe. The small, corner locale sports a mix of high-stool bar seating with a few actual tables. Black cloth, black uniforms for the staff, brass, marble, exposed shelves packed with producto… classic. And you’d probably put a canelón, a tuna tartar and a torrija in the classic category as well, until you see what Mont Bar does to said tartar; until you taste the twist in that torrija. When was the last time a plate of food made you laugh? This bar is off the chain, amigo, and, quite possibly, out of your price range. But to be sure, the price-quality is legit. So file it away in the “date night” or “mom and dad are coming to visit” categories and when the time comes, enjoy every moment.
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