An hour in Rufián will give you enough fodder for a short story, and a long one at that. Berta, queen bee “nascut a Madrid pero sóc de Barcelona”, and Jorge worked together running Clandestino in a basement in Plaça Reial before its death by vecino. Now, with Dani and Ghenadi, they’ve scraped and painted their new home into a modern bar with ancient encanto. How? Some of it comes from the aesthetic choices, quality products and humane pricing, but it’s their banter, and that of those who come to appreciate it, that fuels the warmth here. Whether it’s a debate on the state of fascist Spain, the truth behind La Paloma or just stories of Berta’s mother’s franquista-destined Molotov cocktails, this is a place to engage with humans sans tablets. Theirs is one of maybe two bars in the city that serve Moritz’s dark beer (no, not Epidur) on draft, mixing it with blonde to make a Caña Rufián (1.40€). Vermuts on Sundays. Second home.

Where: C/ Nou de la Rambla, 123
When: Monday – Thursday: 9-1h // Friday – Saturday: 9-3h // Sunday: 11-18h
Web: Not that we know of…


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