Hi Prithika,
I have a problem. When my girlfriend gives me a blow job, I can’t climax. How common is it to not be able to reach climax with oral sex? My lady and I both enjoy oral sex and she is very good at it. I’m worried that I might have some kind of mental block. Also, I’m worried that she will get discouraged and not want to give me blowjobs anymore. – Almost, Almost

Hey Almost, Almost,
What’s this giving oral sex until the guy climaxes business? I thought the only reason girls suck dick is to get the guy hard enough so they can jump on and ride. Is that not the case? Just kidding. Sex is all about giving as well as receiving.  Blah, blah, blah!

You should probably just talk to her, tell her you love what she does and it’s just how your body works, that you can’t orgasm during oral sex. She may not even be offended. It’s good to know if you can set the finish bell rather than wait indefinitely for a race that never ends. Just make sure you reassure her, and while you’re at it, why not ask her how she likes to receive oral sex.

You may even find that once you’ve cleared this anxiety up, and you can actually just lie back, relax and enjoy the experience for what it is, surprises may… cum up.

Hey Prithika,
I’m new here, I don’t have many friends to talk to, and I’m looking for some advice. My boyfriend wants to drink my wee. Has anybody got any experience doing this? Is it better to do it somewhere outside? What is the best position to do it? Should I drink lots of water first? I’ve had a look around the Internet and there seems to be a lot of guys who like to do this. If any girls have let their boyfriends drink their wee can you please tell me what the experience was like? – WeeWee Catalan

Hey WeeWee Catalan,
Interesting questions. Unfortunately the BCN Més male and female Fuckus Groups did not have any input. Turns out they’re a bunch of Basic Bros and Basic Bitches. I had to look to more specialist sources.

Their advice: It’s quite a common thing in the S&M, dom-sub world. My wife and I do it on occasions. It’s very sensual and a great feeling of power/submission if you are into dom-sub games.

  • What to drink depends on what the drinker likes. Water can be good to dilute the taste or better still a little wine can help the flow if you are nervous. You will have difficulty going the first time regardless but practice makes perfect. Or drink nothing all day for a really sharp tangy taste.
  • As for where, somewhere safe for spillage is practical. Outdoors is easy in this regard if you have a safe place, or in the shower, or in the bath if you want to have the full shower effect. Then again “you must swallow it all and not spill a drop” can have its edge as well.
  • For position, whatever comes naturally. Practically, standing above him in some way works best, but I have seen a lady lie on her back and a well trained sub suck it up before anything could spill. Or skip the position, pee in a glass and make him drink from that, works well in a restaurant serving wine if you get turned on by public naughtiness.

And lastly, pee is sterile and safe if you are healthy, but an excellent growth medium for all sorts of nasties once it’s out. So when it comes to drinking wee, fresh is best.