Skating Club

The presence of a higher power is often signaled (in films and such) by rays of light bursting forth from the heavens and choral voices singing a holy and extended note. When you enter the Skating Club you may feel like you have made it to Saint Peter’s gilded gates, except the light is discogreen and the godly sounds are “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang. You will know it is heaven, however, as soon as you pay the entrance, walk through the metal doors and feel the icy-cool air caress you down. Bathe in it. Breathe it in. Wait a few seconds hoping agosto’s sweat freezes right on your frente. It’s arctic in here, also known as perfect. Entry and skate rental costs 13.50 Euro (10 Euro if you have patines propios). And, if all you want is to cool down and down a few cervezas, pay 1 Euro at the door and sip Voll Damm (on tap!) in the upstairs bar. Gloves from Decathlon start at 2.95 Euro (required).

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