I took away a slice of Spice’s homemade carrot cake, promising to let them know what I thought. It was enormous, two-tiered and loaded with a spiced cream cheese frosting. It cost €3.50. I brought it back to the office. We ate it. It’s gone. Dear Isidre… Congratulations. You sell the best carrot cake one can purchase in Barcelona, hands down.

But aside from Isidre’s carrot cake (and banana bread and muffins and poppyseed cakes and…) Spice is, first and foremost, a coffee café. One of very few spots in Barcelona that work with Café de Finca (a small, purist operation out of Castelldefels), Isidre and Lee pour a blend they chose just for their locale, their machine and their taste. Smaller coffee roasters like Café de Finca don’t import millions of beans from all over the world grown in different soils and conditions (and so with different flavors) to then over toast them in order to reach a uniform(ly bitter and burnt) flavor. They leave that to Marcilla. Spice’s blend has a naturally sweet flavor. As does the café itself, in an understated and ideal location just off Blai. Also, properly large to-go cups will make many a happy expat.

Dirección: C/ Margarit, 13 | 08004 Barcelona
Horario: Tuesday: 17-21h // Wednesday – Sunday: 11-21h
Web: Spice Café || insta-es || insta-es || insta-es

  • ¿En qué barrio estás y por qué? Poble Sec because it’s not so “sec” anymore.
  • ¿Qué deberían saber tus clientes de tu negocio? Spice Café is an independently owned coffee shop in the heart of Poble Sec. The café offers delicious homemade baked goods, coffee, and free wi-fi. We also offer amazing bagels on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Si tu bar/restaurante fuera un animal, ¿qué animal sería? A lemur.
  • ¿De qué color(es) son las paredes? Café con leche.
  • ¿San Miguel, Estrella, Moritz o Estrella Galicia? Moritz.
  • Los que vienen por primera vez tienen que probar: Our homemade, delicious carrot cake.
  • Nombra hasta 3 bares, restaurantes, shops o locales barceloneses favoritos: 1) Cervecería Jazz 2) Picnic 3) La vieja Habana
  • Algo que nunca pondrías a un cliente: Bad service.
  • Si tuvieras que elegir solo dos: bueno, bonito y barato ¿cuáles dos serían? Bueno y bueno.
  • ¿Dejarías entrar a Chicote en tu cocina? Para acabar con él.
  • El cliente siempre… should leave with a smile.
  • ¿Qué pone en las servilletas? 100% recycled.
  • ¿Qué les serviría a, en este orden, Puig, Rajoy y Yoda? Café con leche, a glass of water and a piece of carrot cake, in that order.
  • Meat or vegetable? Vegetable.
  • Qué es para ti un Happy Hour?Every hour is Happy Hour at Spice Café.