Joé, that was a tough June. Hard to imagine getting yourself physically, mentally and financially prepared for another month of events, especially in this hot hot heat? Worry not, heads, we have a program of budget get-downs to take advantage of beats, rhymes and life on these balmy evenings.

If you like your festivals off-piste then Rebel Phonk is the weekend for you. From July 8th to 10th they celebrate the tenth edition of their rather unique get-together. Taking place in an as-yet undisclosed masia around an hour from Barcelona, €45/€30 will get you one or two days of community DJs and bands, installations and AV stuff. The bar is included and you can bring liquor if you need a stiffer tipple. Food will be cooked up at popular prices too. Tickets are sold at Freedonia (c/ Lleialtat, 6).

If you haven’t been up to Switch for a minute then you’re slippin’. Taking the kind of care of bookings and production that most clubs can’t manage, this microclub in Gràcia is one of the only spots that you can see (and hear) DJs in action on traditional turntables and high-end CDJs without parting with a cover. The weekend gets tight but Dickon Stone’s midweek social, Palm Grease, is attracting a faithful following. The July date is the 13th, Satta B is the guest.

Barcelona electromusos know that the finest chin-stroking performances occur at Caixa Forum most months. World-class producers show up for intense gigs at a most reasonable hour for next to zip (€3/€6, in fact). On July 20th the master of narcotic hip-hop beats comes to town, his name is Nosaj Thing and his credentials are too voluminous to go into here. Pack a petaca unless you like Estrella Damm and head to the front to avoid the chattering classes.