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[gdl_icon type=”icon-caret-right” color=”#000″ size=”12px”] Plaça del Sortidor, 18
[gdl_icon type=”icon-caret-right” color=”#000″ size=”12px”] 08004 Barcelona, Poble Sec
[gdl_icon type=”icon-caret-right” color=”#000″ size=”12px”] Tue-Fri: 9-20h
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[/quote]You’ll have noticed there is a lot of eco, organic, vegetarian, flexitarian, local, cold-pressed and producte de proximitat being bandied about. It’s only a matter of time until these words go the way of the now ubiquitous “natural”, granddaddy of green-washing marketing-speak. As such, it’s important if not essential we all investigate and qualify businesses making these claims (unless you’re the Tarradellas type, in which case may the gods have little-to-no mercy on your soul).

And so, Sur, newcomer in Plaça del Sortidor, was tried, tested and maybe, sort of, interrogated. They passed with flying colors. The concept is the best part: working with (and around) six seasonal vegetables creating a distinct vegan, vegetarian and omnivore platillo with each (a total of 18 distinct dishes per season). And there are wraps, bocadillos and tapas on offer in addition. The materia prima is overwhelmingly organic (some providers grow organic but can’t afford the certification), including coffees and teas, beers and wines. What else can we say? Chef George and Sabrina are puros encantos and what we’ve tried thus far has been outstanding, creative and fresh, letting the (mostly) vegetables speak for themselves.