Taverna La Parra {ENG}

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Crossing the threshold of La Parra is like walking into the most well-stocked (culinarily-speaking) hobbit house from Tolkien’s The Shire. The low ceiling, tunnel layout and aged artifacts are almost as pleasing, almost as charming, as the baskets of bolets and freshly washed plums (of a strange, small and sweet variety). The coup de grâce, just past the fresh fungi, is a larger basket with three whole ducks roasted to golden perfection and waiting patiently, in flock. And that’s just the inside. Outside, the parra itself has wound itself around the corner of the building and in, out and along the trellis that shapes and shades the lovely outdoor dining area. The space has served the fine clients of Barcelona -more specifically, Hostafrancs- for over 100 years, first as a fonda, then as a tavern, and now as a restaurant. And while this is not on economic par with your neighborhood dürüm, it’s quite fair for the amount of charm and history.

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