Teatre Llantiol
C/ de la Riereta, 7
08001 Barcelona, Raval
Thanks to monthly subscriptions to Cosmopolitan and FHM, we know that making your “other half” laugh is about 90% of the game. If you’re not funny, you have two options: be a rockstar or take your date out to a funny espectáculo at the Llantiol. Combine the alcohol and low lighting with cabarets, comics and creative spins on love and lust, and you have a winning date. Leave your Audi/fixie behind and impress your future lover as you navigate smoothly through Raval, duck into this charming café-teatro and grab one of the small tables for two. Ask the target of your affections what he/she would like to drink and leave him/her to admire the old pianos that dot the room. Mojitos go for 5 euros each, vinos/cervezas for 2 euros, cubatas from 6 euros to 8 euros. A couple of date recommendations: in L’Agència (Tuesdays) the audience plays matchmaker and the actors improvise the marriage that would ensue; or, in Amor, Sexo (Wednesdays) enjoy a one-woman cabaret about, well, guess.

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