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Fill a newspaper cone with light, flaky fish and seasoned chips! Give us mind-blowing tartar sauce! Let us dunk, munch and lick that salty goodness off our fingertips! Oooorgasm. As you can tell, se trata de Fish & Chips. That, and Magid and Mani Alam and their The Fish & Chips Shop. It all began a few years back, with these hungry brothers outside Apolo at who-knows-what-time, wondering what we’ve all wondered: Where the @#$* are the late-night eats in Barcelona? Then and there, fish and chips leapt to their collective mind, and, while we’ve yet to solve our utter lack of midnight snack, at least we have a kickass fish & chips shop.

Hake is the hero, and it’s line-caught. A line-caught fish is not only a more sustainable fishing system (for oceans and real fishermen) but also leads to a quicker finish for our paraphyletic friends (better than a slow death and hours on a trawler’s deck piled amongst countless brethren and the odd baby dolphin). The Fish & Chips Shop’s hake is heavenly, and Magid is magic on the fryer. What you get in your paper cone is everything you read at the start of this shortlist, and add to that divine mango chutney, Greek yogurt with spices and a few other surprises in rotation. It is all very good. And with Mani’s profound cocktail and coffee know-how (formación Mutis) on the floor, we’re in for the healthiest (possible) deep-fried ecstasy around.

Dirección: carrer Rocafort, 70, 08015 Barcelona, Sant Antoni
Horario: Tue – Fri: 8:30h – 16h • Sat: 12h – 16h; 20h – 23h • Sun: 12h – 16h
Web: || insta-es || insta-es

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  • ¿Hace falta ese tipo de comida callejera inglesa en Barna? Pues, ¡sí! La calidad del pescado es excelente y los chips saben a patataaaa. Hay que ir, foodies y Mancunians ;)

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