Ultra-local Records
C/ Pujades, 113
08005 Barcelona, Poblenou
Mon-Fri: 15h-20:30h
Sat: 11-20:30h
Keywords rise and fall, cresting waves over our cosmopolitan reality. Some are tsunamis (hipster springs to mind) swallowing everything in their path to the point of becoming nothing, blobs. Others are real words, have always been here, and are riding their swell. Local is one of these and has gone from your progressive friends’ tongues to loathed mass marketing in a scant few years. It is now, officially, tossed around carelessly. Much like it’s third cousin twice removed, Green, its integrity must be questioned. But Local is also very real.

Raül Chamorro didn’t co-opt “ultra-local” for marketing purposes, he just loves the Barcelona music scene, talking about it endlessly, meeting the artists and providing a place where they can present new work (hosting small concerts every Friday). After fifteen years working in something else for someone else, he decided he should “at least try working on something that’s mine and that I like.” Amen.

Alphabetical dividers are hand written. Price tags as well. Recommendations for most-listened-to albums are all over the place in pencil on A4 computer paper (album covers loosely illustrated by Raül as well). He has a nice style. Plastic bags sport hand-drawn Ultra-Local logos. It’s like this because Raül is like this. Ultra-Local is a clear reflection of those behind it, musicians included; the unique, accessible, careful passion that comes only from individuals who care. Piles and piles of cash have nothing to do with it. Time to doodle, perhaps. And time to chat with you about music.

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