Did you know someone has been putting milk proteins into your condoms? Oliver does. He sells vegan condoms. So if you’re lactose intolerant and schtupping with mainstream jimmy hats then a) now you know why that rash is so persistent and b) you know where to buy raincoats in the future. Did you know that many a soda pop, beer, wine and even sugar substitute use gelatins in their production (gelatin = animal bone, skin, blood)? Oliver does. So go tell your kosher/halal friend that the Fanta naranja they ordered yesterday should be their last. Did you know that there are cheeses that have no milk in them but don’t taste like shit? Oliver does. And, of course, he sells them out of a modest shop in Raval along with chicken nugget (substitutes), breads, sauces, cream (substitutes),chorizo (substitutes), rice, corn, and wheat cakes, etc. Price is still an issue but you can choose carefully and eat happily, little vegan.

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