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We’re living in the heyday of digital printing, and crisp, computer-crutched imagery exported at ridiculous resolutions can be beautiful. But it gets boring to be surrounded by so many perfect lines composed of perfect tiny pixels so small our naked eyes couldn’t see them even if we were to head-butt our favorite magazines. Vokstok is our saving grace. The printing methods this 4-month-old shop puts within our creative grasp include silk screening, block printing, stenciling, lettering and lithography, some of which date back almost 2.000 years. And, while the products on offer here have evolved with the centuries and are state-of-the-art in their respective fields, the principles remain the same: helping artful souls print with the inimitable human touch that digital printing will never achieve. Ask Alexis or Carlos for guidance through the world of inks, blocks, rollers, carving tools, sponges, etc. Or, go in for a silk-screening starter (155 Euros) or a blockprinting kit (45 Euros).

Where: C/ Portal Nou 31, baixos 1a
When: Monday – Friday: 10-14h + 16-20h // Saturday: 11-14:30h
Web: vostokshop.eu


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