Xiringuito Aigua {ENG}

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We’ve covered Fogó: Catalan street food in a Catalan capital that still forbids such a thing. Xiringuito Aigua is a slap of the same genius. Los Marimon are clever gents. Food trucks, no. Xiringuitos, yes. So, with their careful palate and democratic approach they work the system to create another kick-ass restaurant in a unique setting, putting us in a culinary context that is a Barcelona rarity. That setting is a large box in the Jardins del Príncep de Girona. Precious. And unlike other xiringuitos, in this kitchen the size of a mileurista’s bathroom the team cook up bomb seasonal dishes with local ingredients and serve them up under scattered pines on throw-away plates (less plastic would be good, boys). The prices, again, are popular. Get some soon! Winter is coming.

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