Once a month we deliver a stack of newspapers to Aguaribay. It hurts. We walk into the modest restaurant with brick walls and five-meter-high ceilings and sniff pure heaven. Then we have to turn around, walk out the door and continue distributing. Booo! One month a tomato-basil combo wafts through the air. The next it’s a fresh-baked smell, una tarta de algo. When we finally made it in for a menú del día, all our olfactory expectations were met and exceeded. If they repeat menu items similar to the ensalada de patata y cebolla con guisantes y una vinagreta de mostaza, jump at it. Follow up with spiralis en salsa de tomates asados con hierbas frescas y olivas arbequinas. Or don’t– four of us ate different things and it was all good. For 11.80 euro you get a tapita, fresh bread, first, second and one of the five homemade desserts that easily rival the savory stuff.

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  • Wow you have had better luck than me, I’ve been there twice, just to be sure, as it is the only veggie place in Poble Nou and both times thought the menu was overpriced and that I could have cooked something better. The fact the place was quiet both times I went there tells it’s own story.

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