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Acerca de Jeffrey Swartz

Art and design critic, part-time university prof, though probably spends more time watching football than anything else. Every so often he goes back to home town Vancouver where they let him do exactly the same thing. Lately he’s been researching and writing on the nexus between anarchy and culture: if you’re interested, just ask.

Our streets

Por |2019-11-12T12:38:04+01:00noviembre 11th, 2019|

"Barcelona is a city where residents are emboldened to walk down the middle streets" Intrigued by what we look like to those looking in, I have spent time in the ...

Four Quartets

Por |2020-01-30T16:40:28+01:00octubre 9th, 2019|

Ciutat Vella is sharply sectioned into four similar-sized parts, like an airline food tray. Ciutat Vella, the old city, is a permeable urban core that can be easi ...

Full of Grace

Por |2019-09-26T11:15:05+02:00septiembre 3rd, 2019|

Gràcia, full of grace, is the city’s happy median, Barcelona in its most adequate state Barcelona does not really have a “best place to live”, a part of town peop ...


Por |2019-06-06T11:40:21+02:00junio 6th, 2019|

During this past election campaign for Barcelona City Council, Esquerra Republicana mayoralty candidate Ernest Maragall insisted his political rivals make no menti ...

The Metro

Por |2019-05-07T12:49:50+02:00mayo 7th, 2019|

When it comes to moving about Barcelona, some prefer the bus so as “to see the city”. Others prefer the metro, presumably to avoid having to look at it. This, of c ...

Green Space

Por |2019-03-05T23:09:42+01:00marzo 5th, 2019|

Looking down on Barcelona from Montjuïc or Collserola, all you see is a solid mass of buildings. Depending on your angle, the odd avenue cuts through. And maybe tha ...

The Port

Por |2018-09-14T12:18:38+02:00septiembre 14th, 2018|

Barcelona is one of many seaside towns with a booming port and no natural harbour. The two need not always go together, since modern ports are the stuff of megalith ...


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