Manso’s Café
C/ Manso, 1
08015 Barcelona, Sant Antoni
Sun: 10h-17h; Tue-Thu: 9h-20h;
Fri: 9h-22h & Sat: 10h-22h

Diego and Cecilia gave birth to two things at once. One of them was a little bundle called Lucas and the other was Manso’s Café. Oddly, or because planning isn’t their forte, or maybe because they have Titan power-blood in their veins, they decided to birth them both within a week. A couple of days later, Cecilia (Swedish of Uruguayan stock) was back in the kitchen baking away. Rock and roll! And while all of that was surely a massive change for them, it was also one for us. Pre-Manso’s Café, this locale was Fashion Pizzeria, a strange kebab joint superimposed on a former manolo via an utterly abhorrent and incomprehensible bright purple-passion makeover (a bit like slathering deodorant on after a long, sweaty day). It couldn’t be more different now. The design is eclectic and homey. And they opened up the front (bless modern window technology!) to create an intimate receded, terrace. Manso’s Café is, first and foremost, um, a café, an immediately evident fact when faced with the extensive collection of pastries, cakes, bocatas and bagels at the entrance. The sweet stuff is stunning (having tried basically every one). The carrot cake: ace. The apple and cardamom cake: bomb. The rollito de canela only available on the weekends: deadly (but pricey). The coffee comes courtesy of Nømad and it is so, so much better than the other coffees you’ve been sipping on at most bars (even the hipster ones). And no, it’s not expensive. But it doesn’t stop there. Manso’s offers a simple menú del día to be reckoned with, with a single option for the starter and a quiche or other plato contundente for the main. Yeah, yeah, you’re thinking what everybody does at the start. A quiche? Boooooring. Wrong! This is, hands down, one of the best quiches in Barcelona.

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