Información práctica

Hamburguesas excepcionales en el barrio del Poble-sec. Buena comida, buen precio, un ambiente tranquilo y mucho, mucho, sabor!


You know things have gone to shit when TimeOut has published the definitive list of the best burgers in Barna and Tootsie and Hard Rock Café both feature (also, the “select” list is 25 places long and numbers one, two and three all belong to the same owner).

But, despite despise, there is no denying that the hamburger has come up as fast as vegetarianism. Who was it that said that every action has an equal and opposite reaction? And so, it was only a matter of time before Poble Sec got theirs. Helton Pereira de Paula’s burgers are made with tender ground beef that tastes fresh and has a smoky charcoal flavour reminiscent of ye olde outdoor BBQ. How? Hardwood charcoal, that’s how.

The buns, also fresh and better than most in this city, are quickly toasted on the grill as well. Your burger is then served tal cual, all by its lonesome on a plate bought at a second-hand something. You’ll likely agree that it’s a good price ratio for these burgers that run €7 to €9. And you can bump it up a notch with wedges (patates al caliu, grilled) that taste of real potato (!) and can be served with an alioli that will be with you the next day.

The slight discomfort one experiences sitting in the extremely narrow and mirror-lined dining area helps pijo-proof the place, and they’ve added some art and illustration on the mirror facing the dining area so that you no longer need to directly confront your inner demons as you stuff an excellent, large burger into your mouth.